Cool Yule Recipes: Cheese and Crackers!

Here are some delicious ways to enjoy Triscuit crackers (or any delicious cracker) during the holidays.

Cream Cheese Christmas Tree (from Sylvia the Gift Shop Lady at Graves Mountain).  Take a block of cream cheese and shape it into a Christmas Tree (you can make a triangle).  Pour 1 jar of Graves Mountain green pepper jelly or red pepper jelly over the cheese.  Garnish with a yellow-pepper star and serve with crackers.

Triscuits with Havarti and Cranberry-Orange Relish. Dab each Triscuit with a little Cranberry-Orange Relish (you can get it at Cracker Barrel).  Top with a thin slice of Havarti.  Pop into the microwave until just melted (only a few seconds) or place in the toaster oven.  Let cool slightly but eat while the cheese is still melty.  Delicious!

Knorr’s Veggie Dip. Buy a packet of Knorr’s vegetable soup mix and follow the directions.  You’ll also need three green onions, sour cream (light sour cream is fine), mayonnaise (light mayonnaise is fine), a can of sliced water chestnuts, and 1 box of frozen green spinach, thawed.  After the spinach thaws, you have to press out as much water as you can.  Then  you mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate.  Overnight is best.  This is one of those dips I can’t stop eating and it is very good on Triscuits, but it’s also good on veggies.





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