Stocking Stuffer Ideas

According to legend, St. Nicholas heard of a man who had three daughters but not enough money for their dowries.  Wishing to bestow an anonymous gift, St. Nicholas threw gold down the man’s chimney, which landed in the stockings of the daughters, washed and drying on the mantel.

For this reason, many people today still put a tangerine or orange in the toe of a Christmas stocking, it is said, to represent the lump of gold.

Every stocking should have an orange or tangerine and a candy cane.  In the old days, we used to also get nuts in the shell in our stocking.  Fortunately, I never got a lump of coal!

Here are some ideas for stocking stuffers that work well for people of all ages.

    • Candy coins, chocolates, and Christmas candy
    • A sparkly toothbrush
    • A magazine, rolled up tight
    • Mascara, lip stick, or nail polish for girls or women
    • Lip balm
    • Carabiner clips
    • Sample size fragrance or cologne; or bubble bath
    • USB flash drives
    • Small combs or pocket-size hair brushes
    • Pocket kleenex
    • Keychains, especially those with lights
    • Notebook or small journal or diary
    • Inexepensive small toys (slinky, yoyo, balloon balls, etc.)
    • Small pins, earrings, or necklaces for girls and women
    • Movie tickets, Starbucks card, McDonald’s card, or other gift card
    • A special pair of socks
    • Tiny hand puzzles, bouncy balls, or fidgets
    • A pack of chewing gum, or Life Savers
    • Pocket album with photographs or small framed photograph
    • Cards, card games, or other small games
    • Silly Putty
    • Small stuffed animal, like a beanie baby

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