The worst Christmas presents for kids

Okay, I hate to be negative around the holidays.  But I think presents should be special and fun.  Here’s my list of the worst presents you can give a child for Christmas.  What are your opinions?  Am I wrong?

1.   A pet. A dog, a turtle, a cat, a horse, and for heaven’s sake, not a fish. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE animals and pets.  But there’s so much going on at the holidays, is it fair to a dog or cat to be introduced to the household at that time?  Also there are plenty of cords, wrapping paper, and sweets around that could be dangerous for a pet to chew.  A pet is a big responsibility, so I think it’s better to bring a pet into the family at a less hectic time, when there are fewer distractions and plenty of time for training and walks.  I never got  a fish for my son that made it past the second day.  Now we just go to the aquarium.
2. Clothes. Especially bras, underwear, socks, pyjamas, long underwear, snow boots, gloves, and hats.  Some of those things are really embarrassing for tweens and teens to open.  I can remember receiving a present when I was a young girl from a relative and opening it in mixed company.  They were silky purple and lace panties and I  was so mortified I just wanted to disappear into the floor!  And shouldn’t we already be buying practical clothes for our children, instead of bestowing them as gifts?  Clothes are a disappointing gift for young children.  The exception to this would be a special item a tween or teen really wants and has asked for (that is appropriate for his/her age and the family budget).  For example, they already have jeans, but they want one pair of designer jeans.  Or a young teen has her eye on a special pair of boots.  I loved getting clothes for Christmas WHEN I was a teenager.  But not holiday pyjamas or sweaters.  When can you wear them?  It’s already Christmas.
3.    Weapons and war toys. I don’t think they’re a good idea at any time of year, but especially not at Christmas.
4.   Hand-held digital games. If I see one more child in a restaurant or other public place lost in one of these games, I will be very sad.  They deprive children of living in the moment, learning social customs, conversation, and appreciating the environment around them.  Who needs toys like that?
5.    Electric ride-on toys. They’re expensive and just plain dangerous.  Also, don’t you want your kid powering their own locomotion on bikes or wagons?  It’s good exercise!
6.    Movies/video games/DVD players/TVs. Kids spend so much time on their rear ends.  Do they really need encouragement with more of these gadgets?  An occasional movie or video with the family in the den is one thing, but giving a child their own TV is another.  These gifts allow the children to be too passive in their recreation.
9. Gifts that are too advanced or dangerous for the recipient. My dad was terrible at this.  To his credit, he didn’t really see us that much when we were growing up, so maybe he didn’t understand children that well.  But he was always giving us presents that were too advanced for us.  You shouldn’t give your children anything that could HURT them if you are not going to personally supervise them whenever they use it.  He gave me a woodburning set, which I really liked.  But I accidentally burned myself repeatedly with the woodburning tool, and I had scars for years.  I could have easily forgotten and left it on and caused a fire.  Santa brought me an Easy-Bake Oven and I burned my hand on Christmas Day with that when I tried to see if the cake was done.  I was given a Brownie pocket knife, and I slashed my thumb open while trying to cut some cardboard.  Dad also gave us a a candle-making kit and a beading set (adult-level craft kits) when my sister and I were too young to use them.  Pain and confusion are not very Christmasy.  A stuffed bear would have been good!


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    And please don’t get them a Red Rider B-B Gun — “You’ll put your eye out!”

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