Statistics about New Year’s Resolutions

Have you thought about making New Year’s resolutions? If you’ve been avoiding it, you’re not alone.  Did you know that just over half of people make New Year’s resolutions, according to surveys? So, nearly half of all people don’t even bother, although the trend is for more people to make resolutions.

According to a Harris Interactive poll conducted last year, 66% of people surveyed made New Year’s Resolutions.   Among people who have made New Year’s resolutions, women are more likely than men to make New Year’s resolutions (74% of women, versus 58% of men ear’s resolutions, but interestingly, men are more likely than women to say they were successful at keeping their resolutions.  Their success at meeting their goals may have something to do with the fact that men are more likely to share their resolutions with their spouses (41% of men, versus 29% of women).

The most common New Year’s resolutions revolve around health.
The number one resolution people make, according to polls, is to get more exercise.  People also commonly resolve to lose weight, eat a more healthy diet, get more sleep, stop smoking, reduce stress, drink less alcohol, and take medication as prescribed.

What keeps people from keeping their resolutions? The most common obstacle cited was financial limitations, followed by lack of time and lack of motivation.  Respondents said the hardest resolutions to keep were resolutions to stop smoking and to get more sleep.

Would you like to make resolutions this year? Stay tuned for more blog posts this week on how to tackle this exercise in personal goal-setting.

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