Ready-Made Resolutions for the New Year

Need some help with writing resolutions? It’s often easier to start with a list you can edit, rather than creating your own resolutions from scratch.  Here are some examples of  New Year’s resolutions and supporting activities.  Consider adapting, adding to, and revising these goals as you craft your own resolutions.

Personal Development and Recreation Resolutions

Goal: I will have fun, learn new things, and take some interesting classes in 2010.

  • I will learn how to (play tennis, etc.).  I will take a basic tennis class.  I will play tennis with (name of friend).
  • I will go to the local museums and sights. I will go see (specific exhibit) in January. I will visit an art gallery on an opening night. I will go to (insert museum you have not seen before).
  • I will see one local music concert or dance event a month.
  • I will go to the library once a month and pick an interesting book.
  • I will go to the movies once a month.
  • I will travel to new places. List two places you would like to go.
  • I will nurture my creativity and power of self-expression.  I will keep a journal or blog. I will make something w/art materials. I will take photographs or video. etc.
  • I will do things just for fun. I will look through a telescope at the stars. Play pool, bowl, mini-golf. Ice-skating, skiiing or snow tubing.  Horseback riding.
  • I will volunteer (specify how, what, when).

Health Resolutions

Goal: I will be physically and emotionally healthy in 2010.

  • I will get routine medical care.
    • I will get a check-up (date).
    • I will see a dentist (date).
    • I will see an eye doctor (date).
  • I will take vitamins daily and medications as prescribed.
  • I will strive for balance in my life.
    • I will maintain a positive outlook (define how).
    • I will balance work and recreation (define how).
    • I will join a community of faith/supportive social group/volunteer project (specify which and on what date).
  • I will stay physically fit
    • I will join a gym and make an appointment with a personal trainer in January.
    • I will exercise, using my program (e.g., MWF)
    • I will walk outdoors (at least) 2 times a week. (e.g., Tu/TH)
  • I will achieve/maintain a healthy weight (calculate and insert your BMI here.  If you are more than 25 lb. over your BMI, then your goal this year is to lose 25 lb.)
  • I will eat a healthy diet.
    • I will eat leafy green vegetables (how many times a week)
    • I will drink water each day.
    • I will eat half the portions served me in a restaurant with table service.
    • I will not snack after 8 p.m.
    • I will abstain/drink alcohol moderately (e.g., 1 glass per day)
  • I will get plenty of rest.
    • I will sleep for 8-9 hours each night.
    • I will go to bed and wake up at the same time, when possible.

Family Resolutions

Goal: I will spend quality time with my family in 2010.

  • I will create a structured and consistent home environment. Consistent home work routine (specify). Consistent bedtime and routine (specify). Consistent mealtimes and routine (specify). We will eat dinner together as a family (most nights/or specify which nights).
  • We will watch TV, watch movies, or play on the computer no more than 2 hours per day.
  • We will take daily walks (1/2 hour per day).
  • We will attend church together at least one weekend per month.
  • We will take two family vacations, spring break and summer week.
  • I will become involved in my child’s school activities/join the PTA.
  • Insert other family traditions.

Home Improvement Resolutions

Goal: I will maintain a clean, inviting, beautiful, and well-organized home in 2010.

  • I will keep the house clean and gorgeous. Daily, I will straighten, sweep, trash out, dishes, and beds. Weekly, I will clean the house w/checklist (specify when you will do weekly cleaning).
  • I will organize and clean these areas in January and February. Home office.  Basement
  • I will organize and clean the garage this spring.
  • I will make these home repairs (specify:)
  • I will plant an herbal garden this spring.

Personal Finances Resolutions

Goal: I will take steps to build my personal financial security in 2010.

  • I will create a budget in January.
  • I will not accrue any credit card debt in 2010.
  • I will save $X money each month/week.
  • I will file my 2009 tax return by April 15.

Career Resolutions

Goal: I will work at an enjoyable and satisfying job in 2010.

  • I will network with people in my field every other month.
  • I will join a job-related organization in January and participate on a committee.
  • I will attend two professional development courses or one conference in 2010.

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