How to Avoid Compulsive Holiday Spending

How to Avoid Compulsive Holiday Spending.

This video has great tips for keeping your finances under control during the holidays.

My favorite tips include making a list and sticking to it and shopping early.  I also shop at a few stores, which reduces any tendency to shop on impulse.

One of my favorite ways to shop during the holidays is to buy most gifts at one location, such as the National Gallery gift shop or the gift shop at Claude Moore Colonial Farm.  Both gift shops offer a variety of unique gifts at good prices.

I do like shopping at the malls during Christmas — a little bit — but I go mostly to soak up the atmosphere and look at the decorations, not to buy anything.  The best way I find to do this recreational shopping is to go at off-peak hours when the crowds are less — such as afternoons after lunch but before 5 p.m. (naptime for most toddlers and babies) or Tuesday evenings.


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