5 Reasons to Complete Your Holiday Shopping Early This Year

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I have a small gift list, so this is easy for me, but each year, I try to get most of my shopping done before Thanksgiving.  The benefits of shopping early are many!

  1. Shopping is easier.  The merchandise selection is definitely best in October and November.  If you are buying things like stocking stuffers, CDs, decorations, lights, gift wrap, cards, special toys, or holiday novelty items, you definitely want to shop early, because these items are not always restocked.  And it saves wear and tear on you, because you don’t have to drive around from store to store, looking for items.
  2. You save money.  If you are shopping when you have plenty of time and are relaxed, you will be less likely to make those impulse choices that cause you to go over your budget.
  3. You enjoy the magic of the holidays more.  Not having to worry about shopping means a lot less stress.  Our holidays are about cooking, decorating, celebrating, movies, window shopping, reading special Christmas stories, and going to special events, like concerts and Christmas tree lightings.  Shopping doesn’t really come into it.  So I feel like my holiday experiences are more meaningful now that they are not so focused on gift-giving.
  4. There are fewer crowds.  Not only is shopping a more pleasant experience, but the sales people are more likely to help you and it’s easier to find a parking space.
  5. It helps keep you from getting sick during the holidays.  You know respiratory illnesses increase and you are more likely to catch a flu or cold, and plenty of people shop while sick.  Nothing is worse than being sick at Christmas, so after Thanksgiving, I try to avoid indoor crowds.

Of course, it is fun to shop during the holidays.  I have a few strategies for feeling the excitement without feeling the stress and remorse associated with needless spending…

Window shopping after the stores close.  I like to walk through Old Town Alexandria and look at the display windows after dark. They’re beautiful and it feels like shopping without buying anything.

Mall walking before the stores open.  I like pretty clothes as much as anyone, but shopping for new clothes is not always in my budget.  Mall walking lets me look at the great holiday displays and get a little exercise at the same time — and I can’t be tempted!

Going to a Christmas store to buy a special ornament.  Another way I get my holiday shopping fix during the holidays is to visit a Christmas themed store — like the Christmas Mouse in Williamsburg, Merrifield Garden Center in Merrifield,  or The Christmas Attic in Alexandria.  It feels special and exciting to shop in these places, and if I buy one or two ornaments for family, I’m not breaking my budget.



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