Have you been to Busch Gardens Christmas Town?

Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration – Williamsburg Va.

Busch Gardens decks out its park holiday splendor for the annual offering of Christmas Town. Now through December 31, the popular park is illuminated with more than two million twinkling lights.

Check out the shows, holiday treats, Santa’s workshop, live penguins, and the park’s 50-foot tall, light-animated Christmas tree.   Sure, it’s a little over the top, but is it ever fun!  And the lights at night are magical.  Not all of the rides will be operating, but many will be. Don’t miss taking a ride on the train because that is really special.

Now for the shows.  One tactic might be to try and see the shows when the park opens, while it is still light. Because you will want to walk around a lot when it gets dark.

I’m going to give you fair warning about one of the shows: “Rejoice” in Ireland.  It’s singing monks. In sparkly robes. They are good singers and everything but I am going to go out on a limb here and say it is delightfully ludicrous.  I was terribly entertained by it but I had to stifle my amusement because most of the audience apparently thinks this is really moving, emotional stuff.  And it is — but it also has a highly cheesy element to it.  So maybe don’t drink before “Rejoice” if you think sober singing monks walking in formation in silver lame is funny or you might get some hard stares if you collapse into giggles, like I almost did (and I was not under the influence).

Also please note, it gets REALLY dark in the park after dark.  It is easy to lose track of kids so illuminate them if you can: I bought a sparkly Christmas necklace and that did the job.  If (like me) you have a hard time seeing in the dark, just allow yourself plenty of time to navigate out of the park when it’s time to go.  My son had to help me out!

There’s LOTS to eat.  It’s like going to the fair, but in the cold.  There are “sit down” meals but I think it’s more fun to buy from the sidewalk vendors.  We liked the grilled bratwurst in Germany and the wassail in Italy.  The bakery treats were lots of fun to see.

You don’t even need a car. You can take the train from DC or Alexandria to Williamsburg, cross the street to the visitor center, and hop on the free the shuttle bus to Busch Gardens.  It takes you there in minutes.

Admission is $23.99.  Call 800-343-7946 or visit www.christmastown.com for more information, including a complete operating schedule.


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