How To Do Elf On A Shelf, For Free

A funny and inspiring holiday blog post from Blurt Blog! Watch Bird! I love it…


Last year, someone told me about Elf On A Shelf. Elf On A Shelf is a way to milk a little more good behavior out of young children around Christmas.

The way this works is that you buy an elf doll and put it in your house. You tell your little one that the elf works for Santa and is in the house to see who is being naughty or nice. The elf supposedly goes to the North Pole to report to Santa every night, so you’ve got to move him while your children sleep.

Theoretically, with this elf watching what goes on in their home, kids won’t chance being caught misbehaving.

This elf business has become a business. Elf dolls, books and assorted other paraphernalia are sold to support this “tradition”.

You know what isn’t really for sale? Tradition. Tradition happens, tradition develops. Tradition doesn’t come with a receipt.

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    I guarantee it to work. I’m fifty-two and I’m still on my best behavior around the holidays because the bird might be watching.

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