A playlist of Thanksgiving-perfect songs

You know what goes great with a Thanksgiving meal and get-together?


A soft backdrop of positive, beautiful music sets a gracious mood and enhances conversation, not takes away from it. It is calming, and a proven mood-lifter and stress-buster. Music has been shown to help you slow down and really enjoy food, as well as make healthy eating choices.

There are some great songs about gratitude and togetherness. I put some together a list of 18 songs that seemed to work well together for the occasion. These songs feature some feel-good, familiar tracks, plenty of acoustic guitar, and sweet lyrics. New songs include Jack Johnson’s tender holiday song, “New Axe” and Andrew Bird’s “Manifest.” Familiar hits include Natalie Merchant’s “Kind and Generous” and Taylor Swift’s anthem to her mother, “Good Day.” If you’d like to take a listen, check out the YouTube playlist.

Which songs would you select for your Thanksgiving meal or get-together? Other suggestions?

Cool Yule Thanksgiving Playlist

  1. Andrew Bird – Manifest
  2. Avett Brothers – Better Here
  3. Bon Iver – Faith
  4. Kelly Clarkson – Thankful
  5. Foster the People – Sit Next To Me
  6. Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats
  7. Jack Johnson – New Axe
  8. Lumineers – Ho Hey
  9. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone
  10. Natalie Merchant – Kind and Generous
  11. Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait
  12. Phillip Phillips – Home
  13. Sixpence None the Richer – Breathe Your Name
  14. Ed Sheeran – Autumn Leaves
  15. Taylor Swift – The Best Day
  16. James Taylor – Shower the People
  17. 10,000 Maniacs – These Are Days
  18. Wilco – You and I

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