Turkey Day Trivia!


  1. Who painted “Freedom from Want?” in 1943, depicting a Thanksgiving scene?
  2. Say “thank you” in Spanish, French, Italian and German.

  3. What is the difference between “stuffing” and “dressing”?

4. Who wanted the turkey to be the National Bird?

5. What was the name of the Pilgrims’ ship?

6. What cartoon character was the first balloon to appear in the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade in 1927?

7. Which President first proclaimed Thanksgiving as a national observance in the United States?

8. Which vegetables did early New England settlers call the “Three Sisters?”

9. Which has more protein?
A. beef.
B. turkey
C. chicken

10. Which NFL teams are playing the first football game at 12:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, 2019?

11. What year did the Pilgrims land in Plymouth?

12. How are cranberries tested for freshness?

13. Besides the turkey, what is a common symbol of Thanksgiving?

14. Who helped the Pilgrims learn how to plant corn?

15. What year did “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” first air on television?
A. 1973
B. 1983
C. 1993

16. True or false? Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song.

17. Who was the first President to give the White House turkey an official Presidential pardon?

18. In “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” who got the bigger half of the wishbone, Snoopy or Woodstock?

19. True of false? The first TV dinner was created because of a surplus of turkey.

20. What is the favorite flavor of pie on Thanksgiving? The second favorite? The third favorite?

21. How many calories are in a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner?
A. 1500
B. 2500
C. 3000?

23. Which pie is lowest in calories?

A. Pumpkin

B. Apple

C. Pecan

24. Which tribe was invited to the first Thanksgiving?
A. Apache
B. Wamapanoag
C. Cherokee

25. True or false? All turkeys gobble.

26. In which state do people tend to eat rice instead of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving?

27. True or false? Wild turkeys don’t fly.

28. True or false? Pilgrims didn’t eat turkey at the first Thanksgiving in 1621.

29. What year was there two Thanksgivings in the U.S.?


  1. Norman Rockwell.
  2. Gracias, Merci, Grazie and Danke.
  3. They are the same! Stuffing is sometimes called “dressing” in the South and “filling” in Pennsylvania.
  4. Benjamin Franklin
  5. The Mayflower.
  6. Felix the Cat
  7. President Abraham Lincoln (in 1863)
  8. Corn, pumpkin and beans.
  9. B. Turkey.
  10. The Chicago Bears vs. The Detroit Lions
  11. 1620.
  12. They must bounce.
  13. The cornucopia (or “horn of plenty”).
  14. Squanto
  15. A. 1973
  16. True
  17. President George H.W. Bush (in 1989)
  18. Woodstock
  19. True. Swanson created it in 1953.
  20. 1st: Pumpkin Pie (56%)  2nd: Apple Pie (27%) 3rd: Pecan Pie (13%)
  21. C. 3000 calories, on average, not counting snacks or appetizers.
  22. Pumpkin pie.
  23. B. Wamponoag
  24. False. Only male turkeys gobble.
  25. South Carolina
  26. False. Wild turkeys can fly as fast as 55 mph.
  27. True. They ate geese, ducks, fish, deer, pumpkins & cranberries.
  28. 1934

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