Free to view Christmas Rom Coms

Yeah, they’re formulaic. But fun! The cute clothes! The hard-working heroines! The cheeky girlfriend sidekicks! The dreamy guys! The over-the-top Christmas decorations! The warm and fuzzy romantic endings!

Check out these three Cool-Yule-tested favorites that you can watch for free online via TubiTV. (You don’t have to register, if you don’t want to…just go straight to the video.) The previews are below…

Holly’s Holiday (2013) (AKA “A Perfect Christmas”)

Holly is a hard-working advertising executive in Manhattan. One day, she bumps her head and the perfect man helps her to her feet…and sweeps her off her feet! But is he really all that perfect? And is Mr. Right waiting right under her nose? (P.S. “Grimm” fans will recognize Claire Coffee, the star of this movie!)


A Cinderella Christmas (2018)

Angie is a hard-working event planner who learns life isn’t always fair. But can a magical evening at a masked ball change her life forever? And will she stand up for herself and what she wants? Starring Emma Rigby. Ms. Rigby is an English actress. She is best known for her appearance in British TV soaps and various movie roles.


The Christmas Calendar (2017)

Emily inherits a bakery in a quaint small town and works hard to make it a success. When a handsome Frenchman moves into town, is he her biggest competition? Or her new Christmas romance? Starring Laura Bell Bundy. You might have seen this actress in “Hart of Dixie” or “Anger Management,” but did you know that she is also a country and western singer? Ms. Bundy gave birth to her first baby in 2019, so she is going to have a Merry baby Christmas!


Okay, here’s one more. This isn’t on TubiTV but you can find it on YouTube and Amazon. This is my favorite! It’s adorable! If you like cats and you like fire fighters, this is your Christmas rom com. Brandon Routh, the star of the movie, also played Superman in 2006. Kimberley Sustad has appeared in several Hallmark productions, as well as its podcast, Hallmarkies.

The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014)

A commitment-shy, bachelor fire fighter becomes attached to a stray cat…and a kind-hearted veterinary student who needs his help but isn’t ready for romance in her life…yet. Oh, and did I mention how both of them are very hard-working? 🙂 Will the cat help bring them together this Christmas?

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