A soothing “log cabin” meditation to ease you into the new year

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

An excellent resolution for the new year would be to add meditation to your self care routine.

If you can’t meditate every day, why not resolve to meditate on Mondays? Meditation Mondays — that’s easy to remember.

Meditation is so good for you! It can help you reduce stress, alleviate depression and anxiety, improve your memory and prep your mind for better decision-making. Many report that meditation helps them sleep better and make mindful choices. It can even build up your immune system!

I selected this video meditation for you. I like this speaker’s voice and the pace of her delivery. She is presenting a visual meditation of being in snowy scene. It’s beautiful and relaxing. What a lovely way to end the year. I hope you enjoy it! Happy New Year



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