December 2020 Self-Care Challenge

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I published self-care challenges for September, October and November and you know, these things really work! The accountability keeps me on track and I am getting much better at life-balance and self-care. So, here’s one for the holiday month of December. There are 31 activities on the tracker. Color a star for each one you complete, in any order you choose. However, the order does follow the calendar for themes. To make it even easier and more fun, here are links and details that go with each day (for example, links to the yoga and meditation videos).

I invite you to post selfies of yourself doing these activities on the Cool Yule Facebook Page!

Download the December Self-Care Tracker (pdf)

  1. The first day of December is #GivingTuesday. Contributions to nonprofit organizations are a meaningful form of self-care as it increases your self-esteem. Any amount counts.
  2. It’s Workout Wednesday! Here’s a fun dance/walk routine that will get your heartbeat AND Christmas spirit up.
  3. The holidays are a busy time. Go to sleep an hour earlier tonight and see how you feel.
  4. Ready for some safe social time? Tonight, join me for a holiday movie watch party (online) with an ice skating theme, Falling for Christmas, since today is Ice Skating Day.
  5. Are you drinking enough water? Purchase a festive 20 oz tumbler with for $1 at Dollar Tree and you’ll be more likely to drink water and stay hydrated. It worked for me! I have the green one.
  6. Today is St. Nicholas’ Day. He is the patron saint of children. What a perfect day to select a special toy to donate it to Toys for Tots.
  7. Meditation is a form of self-care. Take a moment to listen to this holiday guided meditation .
  8. Bells are ringing…and generosity feels good. Put some money in the Salvation Army kettle.
  9. It’s Christmas Card Day! Mail some cards to loved ones or hand-deliver cards to neighbors.
  10. Creativity is a form of self-care. Join me at this Zoom class presented by Michael’s and paint some holiday-themed rocks?
  11. Get in touch with your feelings and read a heartwarming seasonal story today. I like “As Ye  Sow” by Dorothy Canfield Fisher.
  12. Today is Poinsettia Day! Poinsettias are an inexpensive but sweet way to say “I care” to a elderly neighbor or other deserving friend. And don’t forget to get one for yourself!
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    How wonderful that a day is dedicated to Hot Cocoa! Savor a cup today — the antioxidants, calcium and magnesium are good for you!

  14. Coloring is a wonderful self-care activity that provides some of the same mental benefits as meditation. Here is a Christmas tree mandala to download and color.
  15. Counting your blessings is one of the best ways to feel happier. Prepare a cup of hot tea for yourself (since it is Tea Day) and take a moment to list everything you are thankful for today.
  16. Ready to stretch? Here is a cozy yoga workout for self-care. It’s beginner level.
  17. Winter indoor air is dry. When was the last time you moisturized your skin? Massage your skin with your favorite scented lotion today. Bath & Body Works has seasonal scents.
  18. Fresh baked cookies are part of Christmas. The ready-to-bake rolls of Toll House cookie dough and Pillsbury slices in the refrigerated section are pretty good! (My favorite are the reindeer face ones!)
  19. I am a big fan of ASMR videos and there are lots with holiday themes. Best enjoyed with ear buds or headphones. Try this one…
  20. Did you know that singing releases pain-killing endorphins? And boosts your immunity? If you drive today, you can sing to your heart’s content and no one will critique your performance!
  21. The Winter Solstice is tonight. It is the longest night of the year. For centuries, this has been the night of Yule. Relax with two furry friends by a virtual Yule Log.
  22. So many holiday events have been cancelled. But you can still drive around and look at Christmas lights and it’s free, too!
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    I just hate having cold feet, don’t you? Treat your feet to plush spa socks. These AirPlus brand socks (Wal-Mart) are infused with aloe, come in holiday designs and are sooooo soft! And they fit my big feet! I love mine!

  24. We may be celebrating Christmas with fewer friends and relatives in person but the holiday can still be meaningful. Have a candelight dinner for your family or just for you.
  25. Not only do I play Santa for my loved ones, but I also do for myself! If you are  Santa in your household, put some self-care items in your stocking, such as peppermint lip balm,  lavender aromatherapy roll-on, a holiday bath bomb, a facial mask, a soy travel candle, a new coloring book, fidgets and of course, a big orange.
  26. The day after Christmas is typically tense for many families and individuals. Release that tension today with a long walk outdoors.
  27. Have you made cut-out snowflakes before? It is very satisfying to create a flurry of ones in different sizes. You can suspend them the ceiling or tape onto windows.
  28. Like Dolly Parton says, 2020 showed us what we’re made of. Look through your calendar and Facebook timeline. Journal the things you remember from 2020 and how you changed this year.
  29. Dedicate some time to visualizing the life you want to lead in 2021. Create a vision board around the theme of your dreams.
  30. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! Time to learn some new dance moves! Dancing improves the condition of your heart and lungs and helps you stay mentally sharp.
  31. It’s New Year’s Eve! How can you celebrate while also taking care of yourself? According forecasts, the pandemic infection rates will still be increasing so remaining at home is the safest option this year. But with some decorations, sparkling apple cider, cheese and crackers, great music and a festive outfit, it can still feel like a little celebration, even if you are on your own, like me. One idea: plan something you can look forward to: a trip, etc.


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  1. […] Today, our self-care challenge is to meditate.  Here is a winter guided meditation for the new year from Melissa Field. You may recognize her voice from the “winter cabin” guided meditation I posted on in December. […]

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