Christmas cards and new USPS postage stamps

Happy Christmas Card Day! Yes, that is a real thing

Do you send Christmas cards? I hope you will consider it this year. Also consider buying USPS holiday stamps. They are lovely and all are Forever stamps, so whatever you don’t use can be used again next year. They cost 55 cents each. I particularly like the Winter Scenes stamps (below) but there is also a new religious-themed Christmas stamp, Our Lady of Guapulo and a beautifully designed Kwanzaa stamp, as well as many favorite designs from previous years.

For your cards to arrive on time, the USPS advises you to mail them no later than December 18 this year. But why wait that long?

I like to settle on my couch with my address book, stamps and boxes of cards, some cookies and egg nog or tea. Sometimes, I’ll put a Christmas movie or listen to Christmas music. If you live with family, this is also a fun family activity.

Here are some of the cards I have purchased to send this year. They won’t win any design contests but they are sweet. And they were 48 for $4 which is kind of what is in the budget this year.


Indulge me, please, while I extol the virtues of sending Christmas cards…

  • Especially now, during the pandemic, it helps you keep social connections active. Social connections are important for your wellbeing. Also the act of contribution (through the effort of sharing your greetings) is a self-care activity, because it makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Many people feel down at the holidays. Getting a beautiful card in the mail with a heartfelt message is undeniably a lift.
  • They are an excellent way for children to participate in aspects of the holiday season that do not directly benefit them, teaching them values like sharing, altruism, affiliation and affection.
  • People like receiving them even if they don’t send them. It lets them know they matter to you. They might even send one back to you!
  • They’re pretty. They bring Christmas cheer to a desk, mantel or bookshelf.
  • They aren’t expensive. You can get nice boxed cards WITH GLITTER 🙂 at Dollar Tree for as affordable as 12 for $1…or Hallmark-brand cards at Dollar Tree for 2 for $1. Of course, the cards sold at Hallmark and drugstores are also quite beautiful and some benefit causes, including UNICEF.
  • They support our post office during a time that they really need it.
  • You know, not everyone wants to get cookies, because cookies are fattening. But people do like to be remembered during the holidays. Greeting cards are a tangilble way to express your gratitude to people who have helped you out during the year, including
    • Neighbors
    • Friends, especially the ones you don’t see often
    • Co-workers and boss
    • Elderly friends
    • Babysitters
    • Clients
    • School teachers, principals, bus drivers,
    • Therapists, doctors, nurses, dentists, receptionists
    • Building maintenance staff, garbage collectors, landscapers
    • Bank personnel, hair dressers/barbers
    • Military
    • Your church ministers
    • Even the President, the Governor or other community leaders

I had a client who kept my card on her desk ALL year. You never know what a card is going to mean to a person, whether they are moved by the sentiment or just like the design.

  • They make EXCELLENT additions to a tip or gift card you leave for a barista, pizza delivery person or restaurant server, maybe with a Christmas chocolate bar with it.
  • If you are so inclined, and I understand this is not for everyone, if you keep a few on you, you can always slip one with a smle to a retail person, your grocery check out clerk, a hotel clerk, Uber driver or anyone else who is working especially hard during the holiday season. If you can afford to put a Starbucks card in it for $5, great, but not necessary. THEY LOVE THIS and it will make you feel like Santa Claus 🙂


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