What to wear for a socially distanced holiday

It’s beginning to look a lot like a socially distanced Christmas!

I know it’s hard…but is not looking your best going to make you feel better?

I’ve thought of a few scenarios and some pieces to suit. Fortunately, they can all be ordered on-line, so you don’t have to go inside any stores. And they also make great gifts!

The Socially Distant Meet-Up

Maybe you are planning to gather with one or two loved ones not in your household…. outside…six…ten…or twelve feet apart, for brief periods. Like a grandmother I talked to who said her family holds weekly dinners in her driveway (everyone bringing his or her own meal), just to be able to see each other. Wearing masks. NOT shouting or singing because that would spread the corona virus. Just…drinking each other in. Maybe listening to some Christmas music together. That might be about as good…and as close…as it gets this year.

What to wear for that?

Well, the first thing you are going to need before you even walk out the door is a mask. Here are some nice looking masks for $8.99 each from Etsy.

it’s going to be chilly, most likely. The trend I am seeing this winter is thigh-length or knee length cloth coats with lapels. What we used to call “car” coats, worn with trousers or other full length pants. It’s a polished look that keeps you warm. I love this Donatella plaid version with the assymetrical buttons ($90).

Zoom Call Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties and Christmas Movie Watch Parties

On Zoom calls, the top half of you matters 🙂  This $20 “ugly” Holiday Time sweater (Walmart) is sure to bring a smile and it won’t break the bank, which is what you want in an item like this.

Outdoor activities

Buffalo plaid is everywhere. It’s on everything! And it’s on this soft, over-sized scarft, too, which is just what you need to look warm and cheerful when you’re delivering cookies to the neighbors or driving around and looking at Christmas lights.  $15: It comes in black and white, too! Plus, free delivery!


Snuggling up to watch Christmas movies

One thing you kind of have to watch out for is being TOO cutesy at the holidays — you know what I  mean, licensed patterns, sweaters or t’s with sayings, pajamas that look like animal costumes, with ears and tails and everything. These pieces can look childish or matronly, even.

Pick a touchable, fuzzy sweater, instead. Here’s an at-home movie date night look (Macy’s, on sale today for $20). I like the added shine of earrings. It also comes in dusty rose.


Zoom-friendly Christmas Morning Pyjamas

The trendiest look I am seeing in women’s PJs this year is the knit jogger bottom with contrast, tie waist band. They look comfortable while still being discreet and not too tight.

Here are some plush, black velour ones with a doggie print ($10)

Top with a fleecy pajama pullover (Target). You could wear this all day long and it provides a decent amount of coverage in case you are Zooming Christmas breakfast with loved ones. On your own? Select clothing that is soft, like chenille and plush. The fabric “touches” you back, making your feel less lonely when human contact is scarce. This one comes in cream, soot black and pink. $25

Safer at Home New Year’s Eve

I think it’s fun to wear something special on New Year’s Eve, even if you are by yourself at home. You want to shine a little, like your optimism for the new year! This look fits the bill with comfy jeans (or joggers or leggings) and a sparkly t. Anthropologie $98. (Too pricey? Macy’s is has a DKNY sequin t-shirt (small sequins) in lots of colors on sale today for $25.73.)

I also love this INC silver sweater with rhinestone buttons and it’s new, modified balloon sleeves. It’s on sale today at Macy’s for $36.48.

I hope you found something you like! What are you wearing for the holidays?


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