Watch Party: A Christmas Movie Christmas

Do you love romantic Christmas movies? So do I! I thought I would pick out a free-to-watch Christmas rom-com for each Friday night in December. If you like, please join me before the movie on Zoom to say hi (7:30 p.m.)

The one I have selected for today was a winner for several reasons. First of all, a Mar-Vista production, score! Mar-Vista movies are romantic and funny without being sickly saccharine, the production value is great and the story lines are really enjoyable and original.

I especially liked this one because it stars two sisters and it poked a little fun in the people (like me) who are addicted to Christmas romantic comedies (also known as “rom-coms”). The story line…

Eve (Lana McKissack) and Lacey (Kimberly Daugherty), two city-savvy sisters, make a wish to have a Christmas like a Christmas movie and find themselves trapped in what appears to be an actual Christmas movie! They wake up in “Christmas Town” — the perfect town with the perfect Christmas. As they experience every Christmas trope come to life, they realize that maybe perfection is not the true meaning of the season and that there might actually be some magic in burnt Christmas cookies and imperfect storylines.

Here for your Friday night viewing enjoyment is A Christmas Movie Christmas (2019). It is completely free to watch on Tubi.TV (therew will be some commercial breaks). You don’t even have to register to watch it. You can watch it on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or Smart TV. How is that for easy? Here is the preview…Put on your fuzzy socks, make some hot chocolate and enjoy! 🙂



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