👟 How to Keep Your Resolutions 👟

Merry 8th Day of Christmas and Happy New Year!

So…how are those resoltutions coming along? 

Don’t worry, today is also Motivation and Inspiration Day. I am here to motivate and inspire you. You can do this! I believe you!

If you have difficulty sticking to your resolutions, here are some tips that may work for you…

1. Go on Pinterest or Google and find an an inspirational image, motivational quote or funny meme pertaining to your resolution that you can download and print. For example, I would like to meditate regularly. I found a great quote about meditation on Pinterest that I know will inspire me. I will print it and tape it to my bathroom mirror. You could also tape in your calendar or planner or pin it to your bulletin board. Or incorporate a bunch of images in a vision board. Memes can help you have a sense of humor about something you are struggling to achieve, such as saving or weight loss, while reminding you to work on your goal.

2. Pick at least one fairly easy resolution you can accomplish in a month or less, right off the bat, such as reading one book in January or cleaning and de-cluttering under the kitchen sink. Nothing inspires you like those little wins!

3. Break down a big goal into steps you can achieve fairly easily. Let’s say you would like to walk outside most days of the week. A first step would be shopping for a new pair of walking shoes or just finding the ones you own already. Hopefully, these small wins will also make you feel good about yourself and confident about your ability to reach goals for the rest of the year.

4. Set a 10 minute goal. I am always telling myself I am going to do an exercise video (which is about 45 minutes long). But do I do it, no, I do not. So I need a 10 minute goal. Instead of telling myself I am going to exercise for 45 minutes every day, I am going to try and exercise for just 10 minutes.

5. Start tracking your progress in a calendar or planner. If you make a small note in your calendar, you will be able to see your progress. Maybe you will put a star on each day that you walk outside. Seeing all those stars may motivate you to stick to your resolution.

6. Try this procrastination-breaker. If you find yourself “stuck” not exercising, organizing or otherwise doing something you struggle to do, break it down into little steps. For example, you are procrastinating taking a morning walk. Say, “I choose to put on my shoes. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…do it now.” It is really empowering language to use. You acknowledge that your time is yours to use as you see fit. Now your shoes are on. Do whatever is the next logical step. Before you know it, you are outside! This trick also helps me when I am cleaning house.

7. Piggy back a goal. So, everyday I brush my teeth. Good thing, right? But I don’t remember to take my vitamins everyday. Although the bathroom is not a great place to store vitamins, if I put them next to my toothbrush, I’ll remember to take them. I am also good about washing the dishes and cleaning the sink every night. But I’m not so good about going to bed before 11 p.m. and that is a goal. So I could make cleaning the sink one of the last things I do before turning in. So, f you have a good daily habit, stick that other one onto it and see how you progress.  

How do you manage to stick to your resolutions?



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