The Tradition of Christmas in July

Did you know that it is exactly 5 months until Christmas? Some people celebrate “Christmas in July.”

I am not sure exactly how this custom started but there is a 1940s movie called “Christmas in July.” It’s not a festive movie at all; the main character wins (or thinks he wins) a big contest and goes on a spending spree.

But I have seen references to “Christmas in July” observances and movies around this time of year. If it has been wayyyy too hot for you lately, maybe you’d like to observe “Christmas in July!”

I’m not suggesting you whip up some egg nog and put up a tree and decorate it but it would be easy enough to…

  • Listen to some Christmas music.
  • Shop at a year-round Christmas store.
  • Watch your favorite Christmas movie.
  • Discuss how you would like to celebrate the season this year.
  • Read a Christmas story.
  • Organize your Christmas recipes.
  • Go through your Christmas decorations, books, videos and records and donate anything you don’t want anymore.
  • Make an ornament…maybe out of sand dollars or seashells? There are bags of both at Dollar Tree, ready for crafting…

How would you celebrate Christmas in July?



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