Grilled Turkey and Cheese Sandwich with Cranberry Mayo

I love Thanksgiving but what I really love, even more than the main meal, are the leftovers! I know this is strange, but to me, they taste better the second day!

I came up with this way to get cranberry sauce on my leftover turkey sandwich. I am Southern, so I mixed it into mayonnaise.

Take a dollop of your favorite mayo. Mine is Hellman’s Light. Then cut in the cranberry sauce until the mayo is just light pink. Leaving little bits of cranberry sauce gives the mayo a kind of jeweled look. Which I know, you will never see, once the sandwich is assembled. But it gives the sandwich a bright flavor.

Then layer your ingredients. Add a slice of Havarti or Swiss cheese and grill the whole thing like a grilled cheese.

This is so good! And it is good with deli Turkey, as well, if you don’t have any leftover turkey to make sandwiches.



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