A New Year’s Eve Supply Kit

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home this year? There are lots of good reasons for that. I had planned to go to a New Year’s celebration but I’ve got a cough now and I think I’d better stay home this year. If you are planning to stay home, here are some ideas to make a memorable evening.

1 Decide how you would like to celebrate…
  • Does a solitary night of self care and quiet reflection sound wonderful?
  • Or celebrate with family or friends?
  • Talking or texting loved ones and friends?
  • Dressing up or dressing down?
  • Turn in early? Or stay up until Midnight and watch the ball drop?
    • Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, hosted by Ryan Secrest, airs on ABC starting at 8 p.m. It will stream live on YouTube TV, Hulu + TV, Fubo TV and DirectTV Stream.
  • Fancy home-cooked dinner, snack tray or takeout? Fondue?
  • S’mores around the fire pit outside and make wishes on the stars?
  • Watch a movie? My favorites…
  • Play music…radio stations often play countdowns.
  • Or play games? Here are some free New Year’s coloring pages from Crayola.
2 For the shopping cart…
  • A 2023 calendar or planner (or print one out online).
  • Sparkling apple cider, sparkling wine, champagne, seltzer, soda or sparkling mineral water.
  • A New Year’s cake is fun… or you could make one with the kids. My son and I used to do that every year.
  • Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast fragrance mist, body wash and or body lotion. It smells like champagne with berries. I bought the trial size.
  • Glade Champagne Cheers (small candle, about $4 in grocery stores). This candle really does smell like Champagne!
  • New Year’s paper snack plates and cocktail napkins (also at the grocery store).
  • Munchies! Crackers, cheese, veggies, dip, cut up fruit, a cake or any snack/dessert to make you feel festive.
  • Traditional foods you eat on January 1 (such as pork and sauerkraut or black eyed peas and collard greens).
3 Tidy up and decorate your home or space.
  • Put up some Christmas string lights and borrow some tinsel garland from your Christmas decorations. Or make a New Year’s wreath.
  • Make your own decorations and 2023 sign.
  • Or visit a party store for confetti, streamers, poppers, balloons and New Year novelties.
4 Take some time to remember the highlights of the year and also departed loved ones.
  • Review your social media timeline or planner to remember and reflect on events of 2022.
  • Post an optimistic Happy New Year greeting to your Facebook friends.
  • Make a gratitude list about 2022 — the highlights, the lessons.
  • Display framed photos of your departed loved ones. My cousin put out a little table on Christmas with some pictures of my mom and votive candles. That meant a lot to me.
5 Spiritually connect with the spirit of hope that a new year brings.
  • Write your 2023 resolutions…or not! Or make a vision board. There are resolutions activity ideas and downloadable papers for writing down goals online (e.g., on Pinterest).
  • Pick a word of the year for yourself.
  • Read your 2023 Horoscope. There are many out there but the most comprehensive one that is online and free that I have found so far is Cafe Astrology. Be sure to read the Overview and the Love horoscopes for your sign (and maybe rising sign). The Love one has a lot of information besides romance. Cafe Astrology’s personal horoscope reports are also very reasonable in price.
  • Read your Tarot cards with a New Year’s spread. Or visit Lotus Tarot for a free online reading.
  • Make a wish for peace or pray for peace in the world.
  • Make a donation, caring gesture or ritual of some kind that is personally meaningful to you.
  • Ground and center yourself with meditation. Here is a guided New Year’s meditation to try.

Do you have plans? I hope you have a great night. Happy Almost New Year’s Eve!




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