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Cool Yule Shopping Review: Tysons Galleria

November 23, 2009

This is the Santa beagle Santa gave William at Tysons Galleria

Today, William and I went to Tysons Galleria.  I had been obsessing over a pair of $2.95 long handled tongs I had seen at Sur La Table a few weeks ago.  I didn’t get them last time I was there for I don’t know what reason, then I burnt myself frying something or other and I thought “this wouldn’t have happened if I had just bought the doggone tongs.”  So, today being a rainy day and a good day for mall-walking, we set out.

Holiday Decor

I don’t normally shop at Tysons Galleria because it is way out of my budget.  I will say however that it makes for EXCELLENT window-shopping.  So, if you just want to walk around, and gasp a bit at the amazing fashions (and prices), I highly recommend it because there are no crowds, easy parking, and nice Christmas music playing.  It’s really quite relaxing.  I’m seriously contemplating going there to just hang out with a good book.  The Christmas decorations are stupendous, very modern and wild.  Kind of hard to describe — lots of snowflakes and mirror balls.   They also happen to have some equally wild glass pieces on display that kind of look at home with the Christmas decorations.  I would have taken a picture but the last time we took pictures at Tysons Galleria, we were chastised by security. They don’t allow cameras!

Santa Claus

We stopped to meet Santa who was holding court in this sparkly blue and snowflakey area.  Compared to Tysons or Fair Oaks,  subtle and tasteful decor.  Not to knock their Santas at all, they’re wonderful, it’s just the display areas are kind of out there at Tysons and Fair Oaks.  Maybe the kids love it, but I find the Santa areas at the other two malls a little overwhelming, think I would if I were a little tot, anyway.

Well, this Santa was the genuine article with real whiskers and everything.  I did the quiet explanation, and there was no one else there, so it was a good time for William to visit.  The assistant and Santa were very, very kind to my son.  He has a nice, low-key way about him that made my son relax.  He spent some time gently talking to him and drawing him out of his shyness.  William asked where the reindeer were and he seriously replied that they were on the roof.  A nice moment. Then Santa gave William a little stuffed Santa beagle.  I offered to pay the young lady for that, but they said it was a gift.  And they let us talk to him without having to buy the $21 photo package, and absolutely no pressure. Very sweet. I will remember that.

Window Shopping

So, go and check it out, especially after November 27 because then it’s supposed to snow inside the mall.   The window shopping is fun — Cartier, Betsey Johnson, Neiman Marcus, all kinds of designers.  And there are some affordable options, if you must buy something.  There is a Hallmark store.  It had a nice (and full) selection of holiday jingle bell necklaces and dainty little snowflake earrings and the like for the young and young and heart, as well as a lot of yummy looking treats in cellophane bags for about $5 each, in addition to some beautiful cards, ornaments and wrap and toys that played music when you pressed a button.

Where to Eat

We weren’t hungry today but if you get hungry, you can always go to Maggiano’s Corner Cafe Bakery, which is affordable, really the only affordable dining option at the mall, besides Starbucks.  They also have Cheesecake Factory, which I’m not wild about, and the Daily Grill, which sadly isn’t worth a visit at any price, including free, and I speak from personal experience (check out my reviews on Yelp).  Legal Seafood was good the last time I was there, but I haven’t been there in a while, because it also pricey.

Back to Sur La Table…

We got the tongs, by the way!  The folks at Sur La Table were quite friendly.  Nice selection of goods, including a melamine mixing bowl set for $30 that would probably come in handy around the holidays.  I have a set from Crate and Barrel I got a couple of years ago, but if you’re in the market for some nice bowls, might want to check it out.

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