How To Decorate Your Mantel for Christmas (Video)

img_5407.jpgWhen I HAD a mantel, I loved decorating it for holidays. I used to incorporate silver-toned frames of my family and friends, along with candles, ornaments, real greenery, ribbon and deer.

Now I do the same thing, but with my wall of bookshelves.

Here are two videos that showcase great looks to try and add your own personal touches.

These decorators share their approaches to creating a beautiful, decorated Christmas mantel.

The first video is by Liz Fenwick. I like this video because she really explains the mechanics, measurements and specifics for building the decorative elements on the mantel.

In this how-to video, designer Eddie Ross reveals his approach for decorating a fabulous Christmas fireplace mantel with simple greenery, Christmas lights and glowing candles. I love how he shows how easy it is to change a few elements to create two very different looks. You could do a different look each week! Or you could change it up for a holiday party…or New Year’s Eve.



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